My philosophy

The personal relationship between me as a doctor and you as a patient is very important to me. Therefore, I do not want to treat you as a "case", but want to take the necessary time in my daily work to face you as a human and to treat you with respect. My concern is to work together with you to find the right treatment method for you, tailored to your individual needs and living conditions.

It is not my intention to relieve illness and suffering in the short term, but I want to preventively protect your health.
As my most important tasks, I see the

  • Prevention of diseases.
  • Diagnosis of diseases and treatment of the causes, not of the symptoms.
  • Advice on possible treatment methods.
  • Long-term support for chronic suffering.

In order to establish a reliable diagnosis and to be able to develop together with you a therapy plan, I proceed in two steps:

  • First, I record in a detailed conversation all relevant factors that may affect your health.
    • Disease course with its history and background.
    • Personal life situation.
    • Professional environment.
  • Then I will carry out the necessary investigations.

Furthermore, it is of great importance to me to treat you as a person in a holistic way.
Therefore, if possible, I supplement the diagnostic and therapeutic methods of classical medicine with alternative treatment methods and findings of naturopathy.